Retail Tracker

Retail Tracker

Produced every four weeks, the Retail Tracker Report provides insight into category dollar sales, segment and variety sales, average price per pound, and other helpful metrics.

Data through 1/24/2021

Spotlight –Notable and Newsworthy

  • In the 4-weeks – Cremini mushrooms drive category growth with $6M in incremental dollar sales
  • In the 52-weeks – Mushroom category continues long-term sales growth

Total Mushrooms – 4 Weeks

  • Mushroom category dollar sales continued to show double-digit growth at +11.6% for the period, outpacing Total Produce by +4.2 points
  • Dollar growth was driven by increases in volume (+8.6%) and average price/lb. (+2.8%)
  • All regions experienced dollar sales growth, led by California (+18.4%)
    • Northeast saw the highest incremental sales growth at +$2.8M
    • All markets except New Orleans and Tampa saw dollar gains. Albany led the markets in growth rate at +24.0%
  • Conventional and Organic mushroom sales continued to grow this period. Dollar sales of Conventional mushrooms added +$12.5M (+12.7%), while Organic sales rose +$776k (+4.9%)

Segment/Variety – 4 Weeks

  • All mushroom varieties except dried showed sales gains, while Average selling Price (ASP) increased for all mushroom varieties except specialty
  • Cremini mushrooms saw the highest incremental sales and added +$6.4M (+16.2%) to the category
    • Cremini mushrooms controlled 35.8% of category dollar sales but drove 48.0% of incremental sales
  • White mushroom dollar sales had a growth rate of +6.3%, which boosted category sales +$3.8M
  • Portabella dollar sales rose in all regions, driving a Total U.S. growth rate of +14.8%
    • Hartford/Springfield saw the highest growth rate at +35.6%
  • Value added had the highest dollar growth rate at +25.3%, while volume increased +22.8%.
  • Specialty mushrooms had the highest volume growth rate at +26.2%, while dollar sales      increased +25.0%

Total Mushrooms – 52 Weeks

  • In the 52-week period, the mushroom category exhibited a boost in both volume (+15.1%) and average price/lb. (+2.9%). These trends drove an +18.4% gain in category dollars
  • Mushroom category dollar growth rate (+15.1%) outpaced Total Produce (+10.5%) by +4.6 points
  • Dollar sales grew in all eight regions, led by California at +23.7%
  • All fifty markets contributed dollar gains
    • Los Angeles led in growth rate (+29.9%) and incremental sales (+$17.0M)
  • Organic mushrooms showed a +19.4% increase in dollars and +15.4% in volume
  • Conventional mushrooms also grew dollar (+18.2%) and volume sales (+15.0%)

Segment/Variety – 52 Weeks

  • All mushroom varieties except value added displayed double-digit dollar and volume growth rates
    • Value added was the only segment to see a decline in average price/lb.
  • Specialty mushrooms claimed the largest growth rates in both dollars (+29.1%) and volume (+23.5%)
  • White mushrooms had the largest incremental increases in dollar sales (+$102.2M and +14.9%) and volume (+22.2M lbs. and +12.2%)
  • Cremini mushrooms added +19.8M lbs. (+20.4%) in incremental volume, driving a +$99.1M (+23.2%) gain in category sales
    • Cremini mushrooms held 34.7% of total category dollars but contributed 42.0% of the total category dollar increase
  • Portabella mushrooms showed a gain in dollar and volume sales (+17.7% and +13.3%, respectively)

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