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Fresh Mushroom Sales Review: 9/4/22

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Fresh Mushroom Sales Review; YTD and 4 w.e. 9/4/2022

The Marketplace

Inflation remained a major undercurrent for the latest retail performance results covering the four weeks ending September 4, 2022. Food and beverage prices rose even further to +14.5% year-on-year and +26.2% versus 2019, the pre-pandemic level.

  • Consumers are feeling the pain and 32% of American households are having difficulty affording needed groceries, according to the August IRI shopper survey.
  • Widespread worry about the elevated gasoline prices (89% of consumers) and food inflation (94%), is prompting shoppers to pull back on units and volume across categories as a way to save.
  • Total food and beverage unit sales trailed 2019 by 5% during the quad-week period. Units in the fresh perimeter were down 4%, including down results for staples such as chicken, beef, bakery and dairy.
  • Eight in 10 consumers made changes to where, what and how they bought groceries. The dominant changes are looking for sales specials (50%), skipping non-essentials (41%), finding coupons (31%) and buying more private or other low-cost brands (31%).
  • Despite the high gas prices, 15% cherry pick specials across retailers and 15% now do some of their shopping at lower-cost retailers. This has resulted in traditional grocery losing share whereas value formats, including supercenters and club, have been gaining ground.
  • In-person trips remain prevalent, at 85%, with the remainder equally divided between click-and-collect and delivery. Takeout is biggest in restaurant trips, with 54% of consumers having orders meals to go.
Dollars, Units and Volume Performance

The high inflation is driving a bigger gap between dollars and volume for most departments, including produce. Per IRI data, total fresh departments experienced an 8.4% increase in dollars, but 4.1% decline in units during the quad-week period, with price inflation of 13.1% versus year ago. Fresh produce sales reached $5.9 billion during the four-week period, which was up 4.8% versus last year. However, gains were inflation-driven with units down 4.8% and volume down 5.4% year-on-year.

For the four weeks ending September 4th, 2022, fresh mushroom dollars decreased 4.2% year-over year and volume declined by 12.2%. When compared with the pre-pandemic normal of 2019, dollars were 9.6% higher while volume was down 1.4%.

Fresh Mushrooms 4 weeks ending 9/4/2022 VS. 2021 VS. 2019 Building CY thru 8/7/2022 VS. 2021 VS. 2019
Dollars$89 million-4.2%+6.6%$878 million-4.7%+9.6%
Units30 million-12.2%-6.78.1307 million-10.0%-3.3%
Volume19 million-12.2%-6.0%192 million-10.7%-1.4%

Source: IRI, Integrated Fresh, MULO, 4 weeks ending 9/4/2022

Weekly sales for mushrooms averaged between $22.1 and $22.7 million, which was an improvement for each when compared to the prior quad week period. Total pounds increased slightly compared to the prior quad-week as well —Weekly sales for mushrooms averaged between $22.1 and $22.7 million, which was an improvement for each when compared to the prior quad week period. Total pounds increased slightly compared to the prior quad-week as well — following prior-year patterns that show an increase in mushroom sales from August through the end of the year (see forecast tab). 

Fresh MushroomsDollar SalesDollar Gains vs. 2021 Dollar Gains vs. 2019Volume SalesVolume Gains vs. 2021Volume Gains vs. 2019
4 w.e. 9/4/2022$89.0M-4.2%+6.6%18.9M-12.2%-6.0%
w.e. 8/14/2022$22.1M-4.0% +6.6% 4.7M-11.9%-6.5%
w.e. 8/21/2022 $22.3M -3.8% +8.4% 4.8M-11.3%-3.3%
w.e. 8/28/2022 $22.1M -3.8% +5.3% 4.6M-12.7%-7.0%
w.e. 9/4/2022 $22.7M -5.3% +5.9% 4.8M-13.0%-7.0%

Source: IRI, Integrated Fresh, MULO, 4 weeks ending 9/4/2022


The total produce performance remained heavily impacted by inflation. Year-on-year, total produce prices increased 1While mushroom prices increased by 9.1% versus year ago in the latest quad-week period, they continue to track behind the rate of increase for total vegetables (+10.5%), produce (+10.1%) and the total fresh perimeter (+13.1%) that includes produce, meat, seafood, bakery, deli and dairy.

Fresh Mushrooms4 w.e. 9/4/2022VS. 2021VS. 2019Building CY thru 9/4/2022VS. 2021VS. 2020
Price/Unit Mushrooms$2.95+9.1%+15.9%$2.86+5.9%+13.2%
Price/Volume Mushrooms$4.71+9.1%+13.3%$4.57+7.7%+11.6%

Despite inflation, promotional activity remained low, at 15.0% of total dollars and 17.8% of total pounds sold. Promotional levels remain subdued for all of fresh produce as well as total food and beverages.

Fresh Mushrooms4 w.e. 9/4/2022VS. 2021 Building CY thru 9/4/2022 VS. 2021
Share of dollars sold on promotion15.0%-3.3%15.4%-1.2%
Share of pounds sold on promotion17.8%-3.7%18.2%+1.1%

Source: IRI, Integrated Fresh, MULO, 4 weeks ending 9/2/2022

Performance by Segment

White mushrooms represented 52.3% of total fresh mushroom sales and 59.7% of pounds in the four-week period. White mushrooms represented 52.0% of total fresh mushroom sales and 59.3% of pounds in the four-week period. However, it was brown mushrooms, the combination of criminis and portabellas, that fared better with 5.6% pound growth over the 2019 levels, whereas white mushrooms were down 12.5%.

4 Weeks Ending 9/4/2022DollarsDollar Share$ Sales vs. 2021 $ Sales vs. 2019Volume (lbs)Lbs Share Lbs vs. 2021 Lbs vs. 2019
Total Fresh Mushrooms$89M100%-4.2%+6.6%18.9M100%-12.2%-6.0%
White Mushrooms$46M52.0%-7.0%-2.6%11.2M59.3%-14.4%-12.5%
Brown Mushrooms$38M42.5%-0.7%+18.1%7.3M38.8%-8.8%+5.6%
Specialty Mushrooms$5M5.5%-4.2%+23.6%0.4M1.9%-11.7%+3.2%

Source: IRI, Integrated Fresh, MULO, 4 weeks ending 9/4/2022

Additional Observations
  • Packaged vs. bulk: Pre-packaged represented 95.5% of pounds and outperformed bulk in dollars/pounds.
  • Organic vs. conventional: Organic mushrooms made up 10.7% of pounds and 13.8% of dollars. Organic far outperformed conventional in dollars, units and volume.
  • Cut/prepared versus whole mushrooms: Cut or prepared mushrooms made up 53.6% of dollar sales in the four-week period. Mushrooms without preparation had the better performance.
  • Package size: Eight-ounce packages are, by far, the biggest seller and had the best performance of all sizes.

Source: IRI, Integrated Fresh, MULO, 4 weeks ending 9/4/2022

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