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Fresh Mushroom Sales Review: 03/24/2024

The latest retail data looking at the weeks ending March 25th is now available. A few of the highlights:

  • Retail food and beverage inflation continued to be low, with deflationary prices for mushrooms in the latest four weeks. Foodservice prices are increasing much faster.
  • Mushroom retail dollar sales declined 4.4%, with volume down 3.8%.
  • Specialty mushrooms (-8.1% in YOY pounds) and white mushrooms (-5.3% YOY) had bigger volume declines, whereas portabella pound sales grew by 0.5% year-on-year.
  • The quad week saw a 1.6% decline over the latest quad week volume sales. This is in line with historic averages.
  • The share of dollars sold on promotion increased to 20% in the quad week.
  • Whole mushrooms continued to outperform sliced/cut/diced.

Download your copy of the quick two-page summary,
the plug-and-play PowerPoint ready for use, and the in-depth Excel data file.

Source: Circana, Integrated Fresh, MULO, 4 or 52 weeks ending 03/24/2024

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