Consumer Marketing Campaigns

Consumer Marketing Campaigns

Every year the Mushroom Council lines up strategic partnerships and innovative promotions to help you increase mushroom sales. Our campaign calendar and planning tools will help you mirror the Council’s programs throughout the year.

Content Calendars

Access the Council’s social media marketing calendar and download associated graphics to share across your channels or simply amplify ongoing efforts by sharing or retweeting.

Mushroom Monday

Created by the Mushroom Council® and launched across multiple channels, Mushroom Monday features restaurants, retailers, health influencers and home-cooks making mushroom-centric dishes for Mushroom Monday.

  • Logos
  • Key Messaging
  • Toolkits
  • Website

Mushroom Loyalist

  • Recipe and Lifestyle Photography
  • Digital Ads
  • Targeting Resource Guide

Feed Your Immune System

The “Feed Your Immune System” campaign empowers individuals with nutritional guidance, promoting immune-boosting foods for overall health with mushrooms and beyond.

  • Logos
  • Social Media Content and Graphics
  • Header Graphics
  • Website
  • PDF Resources

The Blend

  • Recipe and process photography
  • Logos to create your own branded blend materials
  • The Blend™ posters, banners and sell sheets.

Mushrooms 101

Access variety photography, logos special campaign graphics and a Mushrooms 101 Brochure for your sales team.

Press Releases

Find past and present press releases distributed by the Mushroom Council.