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    Mushrooms are grown year-round in every geographic region of the United States, local to most districts.

    The mighty mushroom is ideal for hands-on demonstrations, classroom growing experiments, and tasty scratch-made meals that support your Farm to School Program! Our Farm to School toolkit provides ready to go materials for the classroom and cafeteria to promote local mushrooms and their environmental benefits.

    Download resources for nutrition education, lunchroom promotions, and more below.


    Farm To School Social Media Graphics

    Share interesting mushroom facts with your followers! Simply download these social media graphics and share on your Instagram or Facebook account.

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    Farm To School Sample Tweets

    Twitter engagement is easy with these fun farm to school facts (plus targeted hashtags!). Just copy, paste, and share with your audience!

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    Farm to School Take Home Handout

    A take home handout for parents and caregivers to learn the health and environmental benefits of serving mushrooms in their meals.

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    Enjoy the Mighty Mushroom Take Home Handout

    A take home handout for parents and caregivers to learn about the health and environmental benefits of mushrooms, how to prep mushrooms like a pro, and a recipe for preparing at home.

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    Tasty Mushrooms Point of Sale

    Make sure students know when local mushrooms are featured in meals by using this customizable point of sale sign for your menus.

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    How Mushrooms are Grown Infographic

    Get a behind-the-scenes look into the journey of the incredible fungi.

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    Farm to School Stickers

    Everything is more fun with stickers! Pass out these stickers to students who tried mushrooms in a meal, taste test, or participated in other mushroom activities in the cafeteria or classroom. 

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    Product Identifiers

    Use these fun identifiers to describe your mushroom-focused meals on the serving line and entice students to give them a try, or use them to list the local source of the mushrooms in the day’s meal.

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    Harvest of the Month Downloads

    A collection of resources from the Pennsylvania State Harvest of the Month program to support introduction of mushrooms through a Harvest of the Month campaign.

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    Additional Resources

    Looking for logos, Fun Facts and customizable posters and graphic materials for mushrooms in schools?

    Marketing Support Materials
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    The Mushroom Council participates in a number of noteworthy industry events, samplings, presentations, conferences, and tradeshows. See what foodservice events we’ll be attending this year.

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    All About Mushrooms

    Mushrooms are nature’s hidden treasure: always in season and grown year-round. Learn more about the magnificent mushroom – from nutritional benefits to umami – we shed some light on this versatile superfood.

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    Press Releases

    Find our past and present press releases distributed by the Mushroom Council.

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