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    Mushrooms make the grade.

    Both fresh and IQF mushrooms can help schools serve on-trend, innovative, delicious, kid-friendly meals while complying with USDA guidelines and reaching their farm to school goals.

    Farm to School

    The mighty mushroom, grown indoors year-round, is ideal for hands-on demonstrations, classroom growing experiments, and tasty scratch-made meals that support your Farm to School Program! To maximize your efforts and minimize your workload, we have several easy to implement resources available.

    Classroom Education

    Mushrooms are not only fun to eat, they’re fun to learn about too! From exploring the mushroom growing cycle to understanding the many health benefits of mushrooms, our resources can assist you and your teachers in reinforcing and promoting mushroom nutrition education with your students.

    Fresh Mushrooms

    Fresh mushrooms are a great addition to meals kids love like pizza, hamburgers, tacos, salads and more.

    IQF Mushrooms

    Finely chopped IQF mushrooms blend seamlessly into meatballs, hamburgers, tacos, casseroles and many other classic ground meat entrees that students love. And they look and taste just like ground meat!


    The Mushroom Council participates in a number of noteworthy industry events, samplings, presentations, conferences, and tradeshows. See what retail events we’ll be attending this year.

    All About Mushrooms

    Mushrooms are nature’s hidden treasure: always in season and grown year-round. Learn more about the magnificent mushroom – from nutritional benefits to umami – we shed some light on this versatile superfood.

    Press Releases

    Find our past and present press releases distributed by the Mushroom Council.