Foodservice Reports

Fresh Mushrooms in Foodservice Performance

April 2024

Download the latest Mushroom Council insights providing you with a read on mushroom sales through the broadline foodservice distributors. This research digs into all mushroom sales by:

  • Foodservice channel, such as full-service restaurants, quick-service restaurants, college and senior living
  • Type, including whole, sliced, white, browns and specialty mushrooms
  • Historic lookback to understand which channels have recovered and which are still below the pre-pandemic levels
  • Regional insights, to uncover pockets of growth

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Specialty Mushrooms in Foodservice

July 2023

No other food can be used in so many ways, while serving up so much flavor. Fresh mushrooms fit into every daypart, every cuisine, and every diet. They not only deliver great, earthy taste because of their umami, but enhanced nutrition and functional benefits as well. Learn more about how nature’s hidden treasure is trending upward in foodservice, retail and with consumers.

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