Marketing Support

  • #MushroomsInSchools

  • Marketing Support

    Download logos, tips, customizable posters and graphic materials for fresh mushrooms in schools.

    Resource Brochure

    Looking to get mushrooms in your schools? This resource has all you need with menu inspirations, staff culinary trainings, marketing tools, food safety resources, and much more!

    Adult Coloring Sheet (Fun for Kids Too!)

    Need to keep your hands busy or just let off some creative steam? Color to your heart’s content with this fun coloring sheet, perfect for staying focused during conferences, and great for kids or students too!

    Printable Food Packaging Labels

    Merchandise your school meals with a professional label featuring an adorable mushroom character.

    Social Media Graphics

    #Thankful Social Media Graphics

    Acknowledge the great work school nutrition professionals and your teams have done this year with these themed social media graphics for the holiday season.

    Mushrooms Sustainability Infographic

    Sustainability Infographic

    Mushrooms are one of the most sustainably-produced food sources in the United States. Check out our infographic for even more fun mushroom sustainability facts!


    All of the files are ready-to-use with a transparent background.

    Mushrooms in Schools Logo CMYK

    High Resolution | .jpg

    Mushrooms in Schools Logo Black

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    Mushrooms in Schools Logo White

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    Posters and Signage

    Local Mushrooms Point of Sale

    A customizable poster for in-cafeteria promotions featuring mushrooms.

    How Mushrooms are Grown Infographic

    Get a behind-the-scenes look into the journey of the incredible fungi.

    Mushrooms in Schools Table Runner

    Logo Only.

    Mushrooms in Schools Table Runner

    Farm to School.

    Labels and Stickers

    Product Identifiers for the Serving Line

    Student Stickers


    Farm to School Handout

    Enjoy the mighty mushroom. Grown year-round and widely available, mushrooms are the perfect mealtime mate. Their meaty flavor and texture will perk up your family meals.

    Mushroom Characters

    All of the files are ready-to-use with a transparent background.

    Adobe Illustrator required*

    Press Releases

    Find our past and present press releases distributed by the Mushroom Council.