Portable Portabella Burger

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Kids Eat Mushrooms Too!

Welcome to the Portable Portabella Burger Promotion!

The Portable Portabella Burger promotion is a comprehensive toolkit to enable school districts to more easily serve and promote portabella mushroom burgers on their secondary school menus.

The toolkit includes everything you need; from economical, practical portabella mushroom recipes, to marketing and merchandising materials – to help you increase student awareness and acceptance of mushrooms on your menus. 

We hope you enjoy serving delicious, nutritious, sustainable “ports” to your students, and that your students love eating them!

Planning Resources

Promotion Planning Checklist

Use our Portable Portabella Burger toolkit’s Planning Checklist to reduce your stress. The checklist provides recommended tasks starting 3 months out from starting your campaign.

Procuring Portabella Mushrooms

From sizes to storage, use our guide to prepare for your Portable Portabella Burgers!

Portable Portabella Burger Culinary Guide

Add this guide as part of a team training to learn tips and tricks on preparing portabella mushrooms!

Marketing Materials

Spread the word! Use our pre-made marketing materials to tell students and your school community about your upcoming promotion, and educate everyone about the power of ports!

Printable Signage Document

Email Newsletter Template

Press Release Template

Portabella Nutrition Education Handout

Social Media Post Images

Merchandising Materials

Personalize our merchandising materials to deck out your school cafeteria! These merchandising materials establish the brand that will make your Portable Portabella Burger recipes instantly recognizable on your serving lines, and enhance the promotion’s prominence in the cafeteria.

Download the Entire Portable Portabella Toolkit

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Contact us

If you’re interested in menuing portabellas and would like our support, please reach out to Malissa Marsden, Consultant for Mushrooms in Schools, at [email protected].