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  • Storage and Handling

    Fresh Mushrooms


    Refrigerate immediately between  34-38°F (0°C).


    Do not sprinkle mushrooms with water as this will cause mushrooms to darken, mildew or deteriorate.

    Shelf Life

    10 days, under optimum conditions.


    Store in original container. Do not stack other produce items on top of mushrooms as they bruise easily.


    Rinse mushrooms quickly in cool water. Do not soak! Do not rinse until ready to use.

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    IQF Mushrooms


    Product shall be stored at 0˚F or below in storage and transit.

    Shelf Life

    1 year.


    Prepare from a frozen state and heat according to individual use.


    When blending with any ground meat or crumbles, use from a frozen state. Do not thaw prior to adding to meat. Mushrooms can be added to soups, stews and chile from a frozen state. Mushroom can be oven-roasted, see our videos with Chef Sam for great tips on cooking and using.

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