The Blend

The Blend™ at Foodservice

From major chains to independents, chefs know that “blended” means “better.”

Why The Blend™

Created in conjunction with the Culinary Institute of America’s Healthy Menus Collaborative, The Blend™ is helping chefs reimagine menus to make the overall eating out experience better. Chefs from Colleges & Universities, fine dining and chef-driven restaurants, chains, healthcare and K-12 are creating more mindful menu items and making a statement with The Blend™. Meat manufacturers in foodservice and retail have embraced The Blend™. Top Chefs have noted the power of The Blend™. Trends analysts have lauded The Blend™ as a way to appeal to more-informed, more-socially responsible diners.

Blending is a menu strategy used with any type of ground meat in burgers, tacos, meatballs, chili, sloppy joes, meatloaf and more. You can even blend with any popular plant-based products to reduce calories, saturated fat, sodium and even cost.

Key Benefits

Better Flavor
Juicier Texture
More sustainable
More Nutritious
Lower Calories
Lower Fat and Saturated Fat
Reduced Sodium and Cholesterol
Better Holding
More Creativity and Differentiation

4 oz of medium ground beef has 376 calories.
This can be reduced by up to 65% with The Blend™.

Burgers, meatloaf & meatballs blended with 30% mushrooms =


that’s a savings of
28% per serving.

30% less fat & cholesterol and 28% less sodium in The Blend™, on average.

Tacos & burritos blended with 40% mushrooms =


that’s a savings of
37% per serving.

40% less fat & cholesterol and 38%less sodium in The Blend™, on average.

Chili & pasta sauce blended with 70% mushrooms =


that’s a savings of
65% per serving.

70% less fat & cholesterol and 66%less sodium in The Blend™, on average.

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