Mushroom Monday

Created by the Mushroom Council® and launched across multiple channels, Mushroom Monday features:

  • Chefs and restaurants nationwide spotlighting their mushroom-centric dishes for Mushroom Monday.
  • Dietitians and health influencers encouraging the use of fresh mushrooms each Monday for a healthy start to the work week.
  • Grocery stores offering specials and inspiration to help shoppers make more mindful meal choices.
  • Home cooks centering their Monday night meal planning on mushrooms.

Below you will find resources to:

  1. Encourage restaurant contacts to utilize the Mushroom Council’s foodservice kit, featuring free downloadable assets
  2. Connect with retailers to discuss and encourage Mushroom Monday merchandising
  3. Amplify by “liking” and “commenting” on the Mushroom Council social media posts, and share them with your consumer followers


An official logo to create your own marketing materials to promote Mushroom Monday.

Mushroom Monday Key Messaging

Frequently asked questions and key messaging to deliver optimal information to your audience regarding Mushroom Monday.

Foodservice Signup Form

Encourage your foodservice customers (restaurants and non-comm dining operations) to participate in Mushroom Monday. Direct them to the restaurant landing page to sign up and download the toolkit.

Foodservice Toolkit

Resources to distribute to restaurant contacts. The Mushroom Council’s foodservice operator program includes free downloadable assets.

RD Toolkit

The new RD Toolkit for Mushroom Monday provides resources for dietitians, including recipes, and educational materials, enhancing their ability to counsel clients on incorporating mushrooms into balanced diets. It helps promote dietary diversity, addressing client needs, and fostering healthier eating habits centered around this versatile ingredient.

Influencer Status Sheet

The Influencer Tracking Spreadsheet for Mushroom Monday compiles data on influencers who are promoting Mushroom Monday recipes and content. It categorizes influencers by reach, engagement rates, and content types, to help you identifying effective partnerships.

Consumer Website

Dedicated landing page to direct consumers about how they can celebrate at home or dining out.

Quick and Easy Recipe Library

Access newly developed quick and easy recipes and photography to host on your own website, link to on social media, create recipe cards for retail partners, and more.

Press Releases

Find our past and present press releases distributed by the Mushroom Council.

AMI Resources

The American Mushroom Institute (AMI) is a trade association representing the growers, processors and marketers of mushrooms in the United States. Find resources on growing, health and safety, regulatory issues and much more on their website.