Industry Webinars

2021 Annual Industry Market Review

This is the recording of the virtual meeting held by Mushroom Council in September of 2021 featuring presentations from invited guests that include Anne-Marie Roerink of 210 Analytics, Marie Molde of Datassential, Dr. Tim Richards from Arizona State University (presenting an econometric review) and Dr. Mark Lang of the University of Tampa sharing the state of the industry and a strategic review. The meeting is hosted by Bart Minor, Mushroom Council president.

2021 Year in Review Film

This film was shared at the Annual Industry Market Review virtual meeting in September of 2021. It provides a look back at the marketing activities of 2021.

Back to School

This webinar features keynote speakers Malissa Marsden, school nutrition expert and Mushroom Council’s school foodservice consultant, and Steve Solomon of Foodservice Insights, Mushroom Council’s foodservice consultant and lead for colleges and universities. They provide an in-depth look at mushrooms in K – 12 and higher education foodservice environments, making a case for the business opportunities currently available in this space. Download the K – 12 slides here and the Colleges and Universities slides here.

Leveraging the Influence of Retail Dietitians

This dynamic webinar features keynote speaker, Annette Maggi, MS, RD, LD, FAND, president of Annette Maggi & Associates, who takes a deep dive into how savvy retailers promote health and wellness to maintain shopper loyalty and enjoy a competitive advantage, with dietitians at the center of their omni-channel approach to reaching shoppers. Download PDFs of the slides here and here.

2021 Consumer Research

Gain mushroom consumer insights from Dr. Mark Lang, Mushroom Council’s marketing strategist, as he reviews a 2021 survey of what consumers are thinking, feeling, and doing about The Blend™, mushrooms, plant-based alternative meats, mushroom labeling, immunity, and more. Download the research report here.

Summer 2021 Foodservice Outlook

This webinar looks at projections for the Foodservice industry this summer. Will Foodservice be all the way back? Will there still be winners and losers? Join Steve Solomon from FSInsights and special guest Marie Molde from Datassential Research as we look to the future and share opportunities to take advantage of the new realities. Download PDF version here.

Q2 Quarterly Marketing Webinar

In this webinar you can learn how to take advantage of the Mushroom Council’s exciting new partnership with Food Network, home of this year’s Blended Burger Contest in May and June of 2021! Now with two entry categories: one for home cooks and one for professional chefs. We also spotlight the new suite of materials that tell the impressive story of mushroom sustainability. Download PDF version here.

Q1 Quarterly Marketing Webinar

This webinar previews the Mushroom Council’s 2021 marketing plans including the Q1 marketing campaign centered on “Feed Your Immune System” messaging and Q1 2021 social media content. Supermarket dietitian and nutrition communications expert Karen Buch, RDN, LDN shares marketing opportunities related to mushroom nutrition and Vitamin D. Fletcher Street of Ostrom Mushrooms provides operational insights related to implementing a light treatment system for producing Vitamin D rich mushrooms. Download PDF version here.

Nutrition Labeling Webinar

This nutrition labeling resource was developed to provide mushroom growers and marketers an overview of nutrition labeling regulations for Nutrition Facts labels and nutrition marketing claims. Download PDF version here.

Q4 Marketing Webinar

This webinar will look at the Q4 Marketing book and provides a preview of the 2020 marketing plans including the 2nd Bon Appetit partnership and the James Beard Foundation Taste America events. 

Mushroom Foodservice Penetration

Every other year Datassential conducts a survey of how mushrooms are performing on the menu.  This study, which will be available to the entire industry showcasing the different foodservice segments and how mushrooms are growing or declining on menus.  The study also shows how mushrooms are used with other menu items like burgers, chicken, appetizers, breakfast and more. 
Also, the same research company has looked at specific information around The Blend™ and Colleges & Universities and K-12.  The webinar will look at how many operators have adopted The Blend™ and approximately how many servings of The Blend™ they are using during the year. 

Q3 Marketing Webinar

Join the Mushroom Council team to get a preview of the Q3 marketing calendar themes, new digital marketing materials and a look ahead to the Mushroom Month Materials #MushroomADay.

Cold Chain Study Report Review

Steven Muro, Fusion Marketing, will discuss Cold Chain and new materials available to the industry’s marketing and sales staff. The materials will assist you in starting a conversation with retail and foodservice customers about the importance of maintaining the cold chain to help reduce shrink and provide high-quality products. These materials are a summary of key message points selected from previous cold chain research that were performed on behalf of the Council.

Q2 Marketing Webinar

Join the Mushroom Council team as we release the Q2 Marketing book, which includes updated statistical data and more on the 5th annual Blended Burger Project™.

Q1 Marketing Webinar

Join the Mushroom Council team to get a preview of the Q2 marketing calendar themes, new digital marketing materials and a look ahead to the 5th Blended Burger Project™.

Press Releases

Find our past and present press releases distributed by the Mushroom Council.

AMI Resources

The American Mushroom Institute (AMI) is a trade association representing the growers, processors and marketers of mushrooms in the United States. Find resources on growing, health and safety, regulatory issues and much more on their website.