Layers Of Flavors Culinary Training

  • #MushroomsInSchools

  • Mushrooms and School Meals –
    The Perfect Pair!

    Sourcing, Selecting, Cleaning,
    and Storing Fresh Mushrooms

    Knife Skills Part 1:
    Knife Types and Cuts

    Knife Skills Part 2: Tips for
    Quantity Production

    Mushrooms Served Raw:
    Salads and Marinating

    Mushrooms in the
    Oven: Roasting

    Mushrooms on the Stovetop:
    Sauteed, Sauces, Gravies, Blending, Trinity

    Featured Recipe:
    Vegetarian Pizza

    Featured Recipe: Spinach
    and Mushroom Omelet

    Menu Planning
    with Mushrooms

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