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The Mushroom Blended Burger is a revolutionary concept being adopted by the restaurant world. The Mushroom Council conducted research looking for clear direction and insights to build and position a winning proposition.

What the research found was: The Blend™ exceeded the control burgers in virtually all sensory categories. When consumers found out they that mushrooms were included in the blended burger, acceptability and satisfactions scores went up, proving that this is a concept that consumers want. [download the PDF]

The Protein Flip: MCURC Insights and Key Learnings

There are many ways to implement The Blend™/Protein Flip. So many universities have successfully adopted while having different operational needs. This presentation shares the insight and key learnings from MCURC Members who are using The Protein Flip at the operational and executional level. [download the PDF]

The Protein Flip: A Delicious Strategy for Change

This strategy document highlights why it is essential to re-imagine the role of protein in foodservice, and how to do so in inventive ways that appeal to diners. This resource is part of a broader educational effort to help chefs and the foodservice industry stay ahead of health and environmental issues and trends that are reshaping our future. [download the PDF]

The “it” vegetable

Fresh mushrooms fit into every daypart, every cuisine, every diet and are trending upward in foodservice, retail and with consumers.

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