Sports & Performance Recipes

Blended Breakfast Burrito

Recipe Developed by Northwestern Athletics Dining Center’s Levy Culinary Team
Danielle Mach, Performance Dietitian, Daniel Bannerman, Executive Chef Jesus Espino, Cook

Italian “Juicy Lucy” Meatballs

Inspired by my time living in Minneapolis, home of the famous “Juicy Lucy” burger, and my Italian grandmother’s skill for showing her family love the best way she knew how – through food.

Beef and Cremini Enchiladas

Mushrooms and beef create a delicious savory flavor that pairs perfectly with the sweet potato and chipotle sauce.

Korean Gochujang Glazed Meatballs

These meatballs are extremely versatile. Whip them up for a fun appetizer or enjoy a few along with Korean inspired sides such as sesame rice and kimchi slaw for a balanced meal bursting with fresh flavors.