Video Library

Video Library

The Mushroom Council’s robust video library features easy-to-follow videos showcasing everything from basic mushroom preparation to recipe creation. Our videos can be used to educate consumers as well as food professionals on the uses and benefits of fresh mushrooms.

Mushrooms 101

Mushroom Varieties 101

How to Select

How to Store

How to Clean

How to Saute

How to Roast

How to Grill

How to Microwave

How to Roast

The Blend

How to Blend Mushrooms and Meat

The Value of the Blend

Blended Burger Project

Blended Burger Project™ featuring Chef Stephanie Izard

14-Year-Old Chef Builds A Better Burger

We are the Champignons – Grill Marks

Red Cow Shares Its Blended Burger

The Mystic Mushroom Burger at Lager Heads

Mushrooms in Schools

Basic Handling & Storing of IQF Mushrooms

Oven Roasted
IQF Mushrooms

IQF Mushrooms + Crumble Blend for Tacos

Menuing Mushrooms

Image Library

Download photos and variety information for each mushroom type for use in your marketing materials and consumer education program.

Press Releases

Find our past and present press releases distributed by the Mushroom Council.

AMI Resources

The American Mushroom Institute (AMI) is a trade association representing the growers, processors and marketers of mushrooms in the United States. Find resources on growing, health and safety, regulatory issues and much more on their website.