Back to School….Ready for It!?!

July 27, 2023

School year 2023-2024 is right around the corner, and in this post we thought we’d have a little fun playing on the lyrics from one of the biggest pop stars around these days! See if you can guess who it is, and count how many song lyrics we’ve embedded in this post…

Did you know? Mushrooms in Schools has free, #RealSchoolRecipes and resources to make your A-team school nutrition programs.

Bejeweled Recipes

Get wonderstruck by Mushrooms in Schools recipes! Our recipes will keep your school meal programs cruising, moving – shaking off those summer blues. End up dreaming with our student-approved recipes below:

(Yep – that’s 22!)

Resources for a Big Reputation

School nutrition programs are more than a meal! Mushrooms in Schools resources can be the message in a bottle for the entire family. Use our Portable Portabella Burger promotion materials to add some sparkle to the cafeteria – create excitement around school meals!

Our easy-to-implement Classroom Curriculum resources can be used along with special menu features, and the handouts can be sent home to continue the conversation at home. 

Just think of the fun things your school nutrition professionals can do with our free Culinary Training. This is a perfect addition to your Back to School training worth 1 CEU.

Can We Always Be This Close?

Mushrooms create a tasty school meal for any student to enjoy! As you start to add our recipes to your menus and deck out your cafeteria with our resources, we want to see your hard work. Tag us on Facebook and Twitter to get a special shout-out – and grab FREE t-shirts for your team. 

It’s easy as 1-2-3 to be highlighted on our Mushrooms on the Menu! You and your team will be the unique feature of our monthly newsletter. Send your success stories to us at: [email protected]. Have questions? Send them our way and we will be happy to help!

Were You Able to Guess Our Pop Star?!

Can you guess which female pop star inspired the title and theme for this blog post? How many references to her catchy lyrics were you able to count? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the answer!

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