Mushroom Retail Promotion

Mushroom Retail Promotion

The Mushroom Council partners and assists with several different types of promotions to help support your sales of fresh mushrooms.

One of the most impactful programs is The Blend™. Learn more about how you can leverage and implement our templated or custom promotional programs.

The Blend™ at Retail

Offer value-added blend products in your foodservice, deli and meat departments. Blended burgers, blend taco mix, blend meatloaf, blend meatballs and blend lasagna are all value-added items that are attractive to consumers and are a real plus for the bottom line. The Mushroom Council can assist in rolling out everything from a small pilot program (in a limited number of locations) to a complete program for every store.

Case Study Highlight

A Midwestern regional grocer with less than 20 stores was the first to launch a pilot program of The Blend™ in all three departments (deli, meat and produce) at all of their retail stores. The launch period was designed to last between four and six weeks in length. Learn from the successes of the Mushroom Council’s past retail partners.

When fresh mushrooms were in the market basket, sales increased by 82%.

The average basket goes from $41.47 to $75.62.

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