Nutrition Facts Sheets

Retail Dietitian Nutrition Fact Sheets

Mushroom Nutrition Facts

A fact sheet that gives an overview of mushrooms’ nutritional benefits. 
[download the PDF]

The Better-For-You Blend

Use mushrooms to transform your meals – simply chop mushrooms to match the texture of ground meat and use in place of some of the meat in recipes. [download the PDF]

Less Salt. More Flavor.

There are plenty of simple ways you can reduce sodium intake both at the grocery store and in your kitchen with mushrooms. [download the PDF]

Versatility in Varieties

Get to know your ‘shrooms! With more varieties in your toolbox, you can recommend mushrooms to shoppers for every taste preference and occasion. [download the PDF]

The Only Source of Vitamin D in the Produce Aisle

Few foods naturally contain vitamin D, but mushrooms are unique for being the only food in the produce aisle to contain the “sunshine vitamin.” [download the PDF]

RD Demo Guides

We want to help you run a successful mushroom demo, we’ve included tips, best practices and talking points to share with shoppers.