Best Practices Studies

Best Practices At Retail

Cold Chain Study

Maintaining the cold chain plays a significant sales gains in both sales volume and overall consumer satisfaction can be achieved when the farm-to-shelf cold chain is maintained. 

  • Reduce farm to shelf time as well as high-temperature fluctuations
  • Illustrate the benefits of lower mushroom display case temperatures
  • Improve your ordering procedures to reduce backroom carry-over inventory
  • Help you to train produce managers to be more aggressive in rotating displays, culling poor product

Fresh Mushroom Path-to-Purchase – Retail Purchase Influences, Drivers and Barriers

This qualitative research explores how shoppers decide to purchase fresh mushrooms at retail; from planning the shopping trip, to in-store experiences, decisions, and purchase triggers. Understanding how shoppers make the actual decision to purchase mushrooms enables retailers, marketers, and sellers to create shopping environments and shopper experiences that lead to increased shopper satisfaction, increased purchases, and category growth.

The Changing Retail Landscape – A Retail Channel Study

The sales of fresh mushrooms at retail is increasing. But are sales increasing evenly across all retail channels? Some may be growing while others are declining.

This study uncovers mushroom shopper purchase trends by retail channel. It helps us understand and compare actual mushroom shopper purchase patterns for Total U.S. Households and for each retail channel.   

  • Key Purchase Trends:
    • Average annual mushroom purchases ($) per household
      • Average number of mushroom purchase trips per household  
      • Average spend ($) per mushroom purchase trip  
  • Channels detailed in the study:
    • Grocery Stores
    • Club Stores
    • Dollar Stores
    • Mass/Supercenter Stores
    • Internet

Assortment Guide: Mushroom Best Practices

As the retail landscape becomes increasingly competitive, you can differentiate yourself with merchandising strategies and tactics aimed at shoppers’ unique needs and preferences. Successful retailers stand out by how well they target and execute key merchandising fundamentals such as assortment, pricing and promotion.

This guide focuses on the first fundamental – assortment and space. As the mushroom category has grown, so has the availability of many different mushroom varieties and forms. Fact-based assortment and space decisions are more important now than ever. When it comes to mushroom assortment and space decisions, there is no “ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL” solution. You can optimize your mushroom sales and profits by tailoring your sections to the unique competitive strategies, your particular shopper base, and top opportunities.

This guide provides fact-based market and shopper insights, trends and tips to help you:

  • Make more effective assortment decisions for the mushroom category
  • Develop more productive mushroom sections
  • Build mushroom category market share, sales and profits
  • Enhance competitive edge

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