Schools Recipes: CACFP

Grilled Vegetable Pocket Party

Eat well, anytime, anywhere with this tasty handheld sandwich. Created by Sesame Street for kiddos wanting to explore new flavors and foods!

Mushroom Pizza for #cacfp

This pizza is a hit for Early & Headstart students at Reach Up Inc. in MN! This pizza allows students to explore tasty mushrooms. We recommend having students use all five senses when trying new food items. #KidsEatMushrooms2

Rainbow Potatoes

This tasty CACFP recipe is a household favorite from a Kankakee, IL sponsor. Students will love the colors and flavors! #KidsEatMushrooms2

Hungarian Soup Recipe

Kids will love this fresh soup packed with flavor – dill, soy sauce, and of mushrooms meld into a news-worthy soup. You can purchase pre-sliced mushrooms to make prep even easier.

Fresh Roasted Mushrooms

Roasted mushrooms are a great way to introduce the mighty mushroom to kids. This recipe uses only 4 ingredients and cooks in a snap. A #RealSchoolFood recipe from Franklin Township SD, IN!