Season 2 of First Taste TV Returns showcasing….MUSHROOMS!

June 22, 2021

Watch the Episode Here!

Last year, Malissa Marsden, School Nutrition Consultant for Mushrooms in Schools, joined the premiere season of First Taste TV to represent mushroom farmers in school meals. Now, First Taste TV is back, and this season is better than ever! 

First Taste TV, created by food industry professionals Amanda Venezia and Marlon Gordon, is a rising resource for school nutrition professionals looking for everything innovative, future-thinking, and transformative about K-12 school meals! 

What does the episode cover?

In Season 2’s episode on mushrooms in school meals, you will learn: 

  • Tips and tricks to teach kids to love trying new foods, like mushrooms
  • Recipes that help introduce kids to mushrooms 
  • How to credit mushrooms in your school meal program 

Here are the resources Malissa talks about in the episode!


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