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    Culinary Training Course

    From their unique umami flavors, nutritional benefits, and year-round availability, to their environmentally-friendly growing practices and ease of preparation, mushrooms are an excellent addition to any diet, and especially beneficial in school meals.

    However, mushrooms can be unfamiliar to consumers as well as school nutrition operators. If menu planners and food service staff are unsure of how to prepare mushrooms and use them to create delicious meals, they’re less likely to advocate for them in the school cafe.

    This training aims to increase participants’ familiarity with mushrooms, as well as provide ideas and education for how to incorporate more mushrooms into meals while keeping student acceptance, food cost, and waste in mind.

    Approved for 1 CEU by the School Nutrition Association!

    Download this guide for the course overview, self-study quiz, CEU certificate, handouts, and recipes mentioned in the course.

    Course videos

    Mushrooms and School Meals –
    The Perfect Pair!

    Sourcing, Selecting, Cleaning,
    and Storing Fresh Mushrooms

    Knife Skills Part 1:
    Knife Types and Cuts

    Knife Skills Part 2: Tips for
    Quantity Production

    Mushrooms Served Raw:
    Salads and Marinating

    Mushrooms in the
    Oven: Roasting

    Mushrooms on the Stovetop:
    Sauteed, Sauces, Gravies, Blending, Trinity

    Featured Recipe:
    Vegetarian Pizza

    Featured Recipe: Spinach
    and Mushroom Omelet

    Menu Planning
    with Mushrooms

    Basic Handling and Storing
    of IQF Mushrooms

    Oven Roasted
    IQF Mushrooms

    Crumble Blend for Tacos

    Menuing Mushrooms

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