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Media Placements – 06/21/2021

June 21, 2021

Mushrooms in the News: 06-21-2021

Nation’s Restaurant News ran the Council’s sponsored article on blended burgers, highlighting how the simple addition of mushrooms to ground meat offers many health benefits and great taste. With research from Datassential, the Hartman Group, and the Journal of Food Science, we were able to deliver compelling data that provides a convincing argument for operators to add blended burgers to their menu.

Washington Post spotlighted mushrooms for grilling with its top food writer presenting “smoky Oyster mushroom kebabs.” 

Food For Net included mushrooms in their list of 12 best foods for fighting stress and anxiety, emphasizing how the numerous vitamins, minerals, and other compounds in mushrooms that can calm stress hormones, improve mood and reduce overthinking.

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The top two posts this week include a variety spotlight on lion’s mane and a recipe for a Mediterranean Blended Burger.

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