Foodservice Recipes: The Blend

Bulla Sliders

Makes these sliders with a mixture of ground meat and sauteed fresh mushrooms. A housemade sauce adds extra zing. One or two sliders makes for a satisfying between-meal snack when something more filling.

Bison, Bacon and Mushroom Burger

The combination of lean bison, smoky bacon and a cremini & oyster blend made for a delicious, juicy burger, than topped with steak sauce ketchup and avocado mayo.

Beefy Burritos

Add a flavourful twist to burrito night by blending half the beef with finely chopped mushrooms.

Sloppy Joes

Revisit your childhood with the retro flavours of a sloppy joe made with more nutritious whole foods including mushrooms

Blended Turkey Meatloaf

The secret ingredients to this classic meatloaf is the addition of finely chopped mushrooms; they make it more flavorful and moist.

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