Thankful for YOU!

November 4, 2022

Mushrooms in Schools is thankful for the hard work you and your team puts in day in, day out. Whether you are a school nutrition professional, operator, educator, or grower – we want to thank you for all your hard work. 

Below are fan-favorite, USDA approved school nutrition resources that you can be thankful for, too!

What’s in Your Lunch?

Mushrooms are the answer! Mushrooms are perfect to add to your lunch menus. For ideas, check out these kid-approved recipes:

Mushroom Pizza (great for CACFP)

Sloppy Joe Sandwich

Loaded Roast Beef Wrap

We discuss some simple ways to add mushrooms to your menus in this video clip.

As a fun challenge, use our “Mushrooms on My Pizza Please!” placemat for a coloring contest. During lunch, these placemats can be set out for the students to color. Then identify a staff member to pick their favorite (or create an art mural in the kitchen or cafeteria).

Food Safety and Culinary Training

Looking for a refresher training for your team? Mushrooms in Schools has you covered with our Layers of Flavors Culinary Training (approved for 1 CEU). Additionally, use our Mushroom Storage and Handling poster for a quick team meeting. 

Mighty Mushroom is Back!

Mighty Mushroom continues the adventures in the kitchen! Take your students on a journey as Mighty creates a tasty stir fry meal. Students will learn how to read a recipe and practice basic food safety procedures. Throughout the book, Mighty Mushroom in the Kitchen, there are prompts to interact with students to ensure they are understanding the key concepts. To bring the lesson home, Mushrooms in Schools has created a fun, easy-to-use activity sheet for students to complete at home or in the classroom.

Mighty Mushroom in the Kitchen is perfect for students aged prekindergarten through second grade. 

Let’s Celebrate!

As part of our monthly newsletter (want to subscribe? Click here), we’ll be featuring Facebook and Twitter posts from operators sharing their mushroom meals (and other celebrations!). To be highlighted in our “Mushrooms on the Menu” section, tag us when you post on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Looking for more USDA-approved resources (all of our resources are USDA-approved)? Check out our website.

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