Leveling Up with Mushrooms

November 1, 2023

Fall is here and mushrooms make a great addition to many fall-inspired meals! 

Mushrooms are flavorful, versatile, nutritious, budget-friendly, and have environmental benefits. Did you know that mushrooms are grown year-round in every geographic region of the United States, local to most school districts? Mushrooms in Schools has a variety of free Farm to School educational resources – read more and download your favorites here.

If you are looking for some menu-inspiration, look no further than Mushrooms in Schools Menu Champions!

Mushrooms on the Menu Champions

Humboldt USD in Arizona introduced students to mushrooms through a fun taste-testing activity. “The two 1st graders had mixed emotions. The boy loved them and the girl didn’t. The sixth graders turned it into a challenge. So much fun! The kiddos who liked them challenged the ones who wouldn’t try them. Pretty soon all the children tried them with mixed emotions. It was a great lesson to try new things.”

Humboldt USD, Arizona has featured many tasty mushrooms on its menu within the past few months. Try one of their favorites today! We love that they used our favorite logic: a new items needs to be menued three ways or three days to insure good inventory management. And look at these three different but delicious mushroom recipes!

Queen Creek Unified School District, Arizona serves approximately 14,000 students per day! Now that’s a lot of #RealSchoolRecipes. Check out their vegetarian wrap!

Add a fun twist to green beans with the Bristol City School District, Tennessee recipe!

Pittsburgh Public Schools, Pensalvania created a tasty, color-popping vegetable option. We think the recipe’s popularity is because of the “fun guys” included in the recipe (do you get it?). 

Introduce Mushrooms to Your Students

As you add these tasty recipes to your menus, consider having a teacher or wellness coordinator add one of our resources to engage students even more in mushrooms! 

Pro tip: We highly recommend adding one or two activities to students’ days so they can become more acquainted when trying new foods, like mushrooms.

Read All About It: Mighty Mushroom & Friends Book

Join Mighty Mushroom on a trip to a farm to visit with friends and through adventures as we learn more about mushrooms. Check out this fun activity for children to do after reading.

Mushroom Madness Lessons

With these lessons, teachers can lead students through a series of lessons to prepare them for helping the kitchen staff cook a healthy mushroom recipe. Students will also learn that mushrooms are healthy for our bodies and good for the planet. Download individual lessons for preschool, grades K-2 and grades 3-5.

Fun with Food Safety: Mighty Mushrooms in the Kitchen

Mighty is back to teach us about food safety! Join Mighty to create a tasty meal that is also safe to eat. We also have an easy-to-use activity for a coloring contest.

Be a Mushroom Champion

Add one of our #RealSchoolRecipes – or use one of your own mushroom recipes – to your school menus and your team will be featured in our Mushrooms on the Menu! Tag us on Facebook and Twitter to get a special shout-out – and grab FREE t-shirts for your team. We love to share your #RealSchoolRecipe with other so send your recipe and picture to get free t-shirts for your team (limit four per recipe).

You and your team could be the unique feature of our monthly newsletter! Send your success stories to us at: [email protected]. Have questions? Send them our way and we are happy to help!

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