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January 10, 2022

As the new year begins, setting goals for a healthier year is at your fingertips. Mushrooms can play a vital role in healthy food contributing to a healthier you. Mushrooms in Schools has tips for you to get the new year off to a healthy start – plus check out our recipes that add nutrition while not breaking the bank.  #KidsEatMushrooms2

Feeding Your Immune System

Staying healthy this year doesn’t rest in one factor, but nutrition does play a role in keeping your immune system in top condition. There are certain micronutrients in the foods we eat that play a key role in supporting the immune system1. An important step you can take for your immunity is to ensure you’re getting the recommended daily allowances2 of these nutrients. Find out how each of them serves your body and which foods you can find them in.

Start at Home

We all know the old saying – home is where the heart is – this year find the healthier you with your family. Healthy ingredients in each of our recipes make these worth putting on your menu. 

Slow Cooker Chili

Slow cookers make preparing dinners like this chili a breeze and reduces the amount of added fat or oil.

Creamy Spinach, Mushroom & Lasagna Soup

All the comforting flavors of lasagna with less work! Lasagna soup is packed with selenium superstars crimini mushrooms (38% DV)3, vitamin C-rich tomatoes (40% DV)4 and spinach (44% DV)3, and al dente lasagna noodles. Add protein with a dollop of ricotta (5g per ¼ cup serving) and a sprinkle of mozzarella — you’ve got yourself a delicious, nutrient-dense (yet still oozing with cheesy goodness) weeknight meal!

Asian BBQ Sesame Salmon with Noodles & Veggies

Both vitamins D and C are important for maintaining a healthy immune system. Fatty fish, such as salmon, and mushrooms* are excellent sources of vitamin D (salmon/66% DV)3 while broccoli and sugar snap peas bring the vitamin C (220% DV4 and 42% DV3, respectively). Supercharge your immune system and add some heat to the dinner table with this nutrient-packed meal that’s ready in just 40 minutes.

Grilled Portabella Gyros with Yogurt Dill Sauce

Feed your immune system with meaty, vitamin D-rich portabella mushrooms.* Add in the benefits of Greek yogurt, including protein (9g/100g serving)3 and probiotics (such as Lactobacillus acidophilus), along with vitamin C-powered bell peppers (190% DV) and tomatoes (40% DV)4 and have a real super-gyro sandwich.

Mexican-Inspired Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms

Flavorful black beans, quinoa, spicy peppers and onions are stuffed into large mushroom caps to make this delicious weeknight meal. This veggie-heavy meal not only features immune-supporting mushrooms, but also vitamin C-rich peppers, protein-rich beans and quinoa, and antioxidant-filled cilantro and spices.

Crimini Mushrooms Farro Power-Bowl

Treat your tastebuds and feed your immune system with this crimini mushroom farro power-bowl.

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