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Media Placements – 01/10/2022

January 10, 2022

Mushrooms in the News: 01-10-2022

Mushrooms continued to place high atop trend lists. Most notably, the New York Times named mushrooms the 2022 “Ingredient of the Year” in its broad and highly-shared “How Americans Will Eat in 2022” feature.

In addition, MSNBC named mushrooms a 2022 “Healthy Food Trend,” with the article noting: “Along with the continued interest in plant-based foods…mushrooms are becoming ultra popular.” Showbiz Cheat Sheet – a celebrity-focused outlet – declared “Mushroom Toast” as a new breakfast trend. In Produce Blue Book’s annual trend forecast, mushrooms were the only produce item called out, with the writer noting: “Out of all the produce categories to pick as ‘trendy,’ I think mushrooms are going to be the one that continues to gain popularity with consumers.”

Mushrooms also continued earning coverage as a central recipe ingredient through these winter months: Food Network, Men’s Health, and Bon Appetit also shared ways to incorporate mushrooms into a daily diet, with Bon Appetit demonstrating a cooking technique where they advise to “Squish ‘Em” between cast iron pans to deliver a crisp exterior and very meaty texture.






Top Posts

The top two social posts this week included a third-party recipe share from Teri-Ann Carty for Mushroom Carbonara made with homemade mushroom bacon. The second was the Council’s Three Mushroom and Garlic Grilled Pizza, which one Facebook fan said “This was delicious!! I did most of the mushrooms as a duxelles and added sliced ones on top. I also added pine nuts. I would like to add chopped spinach next time.”

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