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Media Placements – 01/19/2022

January 19, 2022

Mushrooms in the News: 01-19-2022

Mushrooms continue to place atop trend lists, with Yahoo News spotlighting “Why Mushrooms Will Be a Superpowered Food in 2002.” The Chicago Tribune also featured the New York Times story that named mushrooms the 2022 “ingredient of the year.”

Rachel Roberts, President of the AMI, shared an update on the state of the mushroom industry with the Packer, covering an array of topics including an emphasis on labor and sustainability. The Mushroom Council’s Feed Your Immune System also received coverage across trade publications, as immune system support becomes a point of interest during the winter months.






Top Posts

Last week, the Council asked social media fans to share why they love portabellas. A few reasons included:
“They are so meaty and tasty!!”
“So flavorful!! Great texture!”
“I love them in almost every thing”
“Awesome taste. And great to cook with in any meal”

Another popular post highlighted selenium as an immune-support nutrient that can feed your immune system.

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