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Media Placements – 12/13/2021

December 13, 2021

Mushrooms in the News: 12-13-202

Food and recipe news outlet Delish named mushrooms a 2022 food trend: “The hearty texture and absorbent quality of mushrooms imitate that meatiness we sometimes crave so much. In 2022, we expect to see an uptick in recipes that call on mushrooms to replace meats.” Looking back, The Takeout named Caramelized Mushroom Pasta a top 2021 recipe.

Multiple top news outlets continued to feature mushrooms prominently in their holiday and/or winter recipes. Stuffed mushrooms proved to be the most popular, with Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace and the Washington Post both sharing twists on the classic dish. Food Network, Kitchn, and Goop all posted recipes featuring mushrooms as well.

Chef Sophia Roe recently shared one of her favorite mushroom-centric recipes in Bazaar. “The chef and host of VICE’s Counter Space has always preached that food, self-care, and advocacy are inherently connected. Roe is also unabashedly obsessed with mushrooms—she often dedicates Instagram posts to her love of fungi, and she even produced an episode of the first season of Counter Space devoted entirely to the muse. Aside from the multiple benefits of mushrooms—including being rich with antioxidants and helping support heart and gut health—she says they simply bring her joy. And isn’t that what food is supposed to do, after all?”





Top Posts

The top posts this week include a recipe share for the Council’s Rustic Oyster Mushroom and Potato Soup, and a nutritional spotlight on selenium as we share how users can help feed their immune system during cold/flu season.

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