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Media Placements – 09/20/2021

September 20, 2021

Mushrooms in the News: 09-20-2021

Produce Business named 2021 as the Year of the Mushroom, citing how the fungi’s popularity is due to their high nutritional value, low carbohydrate level, high immunity-boosting properties, adaptability in many dishes and inclusion in popular eating plans such as Whole 30, Keto and Paleo.

Food Navigator touted mushroom/beef blends as an example of a highly successful hybrid product, which is a food item that combines two or more distinct sources of protein. While the health benefits are often communicated, Food Navigator believes the success of the hybrid product lies in how it was marketed, focusing on the natural, clean aspect of the mix compared to other “ultra-processed” alternatives.





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The top two posts this week include a Northeast-inspired recipe for ‘Shrooms on Weck and a variety spotlight on white buttons.

In honor of National Mushroom Month, we are spotlighting a new U.S. region each week to share how home cooks and restaurants are sharing their love for mushrooms. Join us as we share daily fungi facts, regional recipes and spotlights on trend makers and restaurants from across the nation.

Learn more about the Mushroom Council’s National Mushroom Month campaign and find downloadable content and graphics here.

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