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Media Placements – 09/13/2021

September 14, 2021

Mushrooms in the News: 09-13-2021

Cooking with Paula Deen featured multiple mushroom recipes as part of their spread on Mighty Mushrooms. From casseroles to tarts, these recipes show how diverse and tasty mushrooms can be.

The Healthy listed mushrooms as one of their 11 best vegetables for weightloss. Mushrooms offer a way to trim the fat and calories from classic dinners like tacos, meatloaf, and burgers without sacrificing flavor.

For the second week in a row, The Washington Post has a major piece on mushrooms. (Last week, calling Portabellas the “original veggie burger.”) This week the focus is on dried mushrooms, but also has a large “halo” that calls out fresh, cultivated mushroom benefits.




Top Posts

The top two posts this week include a variety spotlight on oyster mushrooms and a regionally-inspired fungi fact.

In honor of National Mushroom Month, we are spotlighting a new U.S. region each week to share how home cooks and restaurants are sharing their love for mushrooms. Join us as we share daily fungi facts, regional recipes and spotlights on trend makers and restaurants from across the nation.

Learn more about the Mushroom Council’s National Mushroom Month campaign and find downloadable content and graphics here.

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