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Media Placements – 09/27/2021

September 27, 2021

Mushrooms in the News: 09-27-2021

For National Mushroom Month, two large national outlets presented mushroom recipe roundups. Martha Stewart featured mushroom-heavy recipes in both her magazine and her website. A range of recipes were featured, including soup, egg noodles, and a patty melt. Delish featured “40 Amazing Mushroom Recipes To Try Tonight.”

Jackie Ji Yoon highlights Shiitake mushrooms as part of his Japchae recipe for Food Network Kitchen. This recipe takes no shortcuts and calls for each component to be cooked and seasoned individually so the flavors are cleaner and more distinct in the finished dish.




Top Posts

The top two posts for this week include a share of CNN’s 2021 Food Trends article, which dubbed mushrooms “a new celebrity in the produce aisle,” as well as a variety spotlight on portabellas.

Join us this Mushroom Month as we travel across the U.S. to highlight regional recipes, trend makers and fungi facts. The next and final stop is the South – beginning on Monday, September 26. 

Learn more about the Mushroom Council’s National Mushroom Month campaign and find downloadable content and graphics here

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