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Media Placements – 09/19/2022

September 19, 2022

Mushrooms in the News: 09-19-2022

With peak National Mushroom Month upon us, mushrooms once again earned a lengthy profile in a major outlet, with CNN’s “It’s Time to Put Fungi On Your Plate,” also syndicated to other outlets nationwide. The story begins with the phrase “mushrooms are having a moment,” and continues with passages about mushroom sustainability (citing the Mushroom Council’s 2017 sustainability study), nutrition and more. 

The Takeout food feature news site featured a lengthy review of pre-packaged blended mushrooms and meat, showcasing how to prep them for burgers, tacos, chili and even chopped cheese.

Top national outlets also spotlighted mushrooms in the past few days, with Food Network Magazine, Delish, and Cooking Light each featuring mushrooms in at least 3 recipes across their respective issues. Healthline shared 3 ways to include mushrooms in meals, while Tasting Table shared two articles related to mushroom storage and prep.

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This week’s tThis week’s top posts included a link to the Mushroom Council’s Air Fryer Mushroom Recipes, as well as a link to a caramelized mushroom recipe by Cheerful Choices.

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