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Media Placements – 05/20/2020

May 21, 2020

Mushrooms in the News: 05-20-2020

Along with the stories about the national meat shortage, we are seeing significant media activity touting mushrooms’ role as a meat extender or as moving into the center-of-the-plate position when meat isn’t an option.

Last week, gave nod to the Mushroom Council and the Blended Burger Project in an article titled, “What Are Blended Burgers and Meats?” This article provides readers with all they need to know on what blended dishes are, why they should be making them and how they can find The Blend at retail, noting that “blended meat dishes are letting us have our cake—er, burger—and eat it, too.”

A syndicated article from the grill manufacturers’ trade association recommends blending with mushrooms for grilling enthusiasts finding meat in short supply at grocers. The “Back to the Barbecue” article recommends “blending 25–33% chopped mushrooms…to make more burgers with the meat you have, while also making them tastier.” The article this week has appeared in 717 outlets for a potential reach of 114 million.

Similarly, CNN recommended filling tacos with chopped mushrooms for a beefy taste with meat in shorter supply.

In the trades, Perishable News reported on Mushroom Council collaborating with foodservice partners in five markets to deliver free mushroom-centric meals to first responders.

Foodservice Director claims “bowls are the answer” for cooks looking to put their pantry staples and produce to use. A roundup of delicious bowl recipes features Mushroom Council’s Blended Asian Beef Bowl with Cucumber-Carrot Salad.





Oyster mushrooms had a great week on MC social accounts, first with a post touting the variety’s benefits and flavor, then later in the week with a recipe post. Followers on Facebook and Instagram flocked to the posts, engaging and commenting their excitement about this fun variety.MC social channels celebrated Cinco De Mayo and Mother’s Day in the beginning of May, inspiring followers to make incredible mushroom dishes from the comfort of their homes. The posts accumulated over a combined 600 shares and thousands of likes from mushroom lovers. 

Instagram Post Stats (combined):

  • Impressions: 3,753
  • Engagements: 426
  • Likes: 396
  • Shares: 24

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