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Media Placements – 04/17/2023

April 17, 2023

Food52 highlighted a tasty spin on Cheung Fun With Crispy Mushrooms and Garlic. The editor shared, “Growing up, my favorite afternoon snack was my dad’s pan-fried cheung fun. This version doesn’t stray too far, keeping with a generous drizzle of hoisin, but I add a little nuttiness with tahini and more textural contrast with crispy wisps of trumpet mushrooms and garlic chips.” 

Portabella Mushrooms topped MSN’s list of 15 Vegetables High in Protein and How to Incorporate Them Into Your Diet. They shared, “These hearty ‘shrooms pack plenty of protein, which is part of the reason why this vegetarian meal keeps you feeling full long after you’ve finished.” 

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Our top post this month featured our partnership with Kittch. Don’t forget to watch chefs (or as we are calling them, *Champignons* of Sustainability create their favorite mushroom dishes live on Kittch for Earth Month. 

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