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Media Placements – 03/22/2021

March 22, 2021

Mushrooms in the News: 03-22-2021

In last week’s update, we shared an article from Runner’s World that referenced the recent NHANES Study in relation to health benefits of mushrooms for runners. This week, the content was shared by Yahoo! Lifestyle and, informing readers of the benefits mushrooms can provide cyclists.

Country singer Blake Shelton, shared his excitement for lion’s mane mushrooms on the Monday, March 15th episode of “The Voice” and shared on social media as well, as detailed by

Foodservice Director shared insight on how operators are meeting the growing consumer interest and demand in plant-based alternatives. “Be on the lookout for mushrooms as a meaty meatless ingredient, too—going beyond the popular blended burger,” the article explains. “Umami-rich, immunity-boosting mushrooms were named as a 2021 trending ingredient by several forecasters, particularly the more exotic varieties such as oyster, enoki and lion’s mane.”





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Top posts this week include a veggie-heavy stuffed portabella recipe (developed by RD Partner Chelsey Amer for our Feed Your Immune System campaign), as well as our weekly spotlight of growers sharing Jersey Mike’s love. Make sure to send us your photos so we can continue to support the mushroom sub! Email Cristie with your photos: [email protected]

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