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Media Placements – 03/29/2021

March 29, 2021

Mushrooms in the News: 03-29-2021

The Takeout explained how mushrooms can elevate a dish in a recent Caramelized Mushroom Pasta recipe, perfacing the recipe by saying that “Mushrooms are the Brad Pitt of vegetables: a character actor with leading man looks; a fungi that can turn even a supporting role into the best part of dinner.”

Michelle Obama’s new Netflix show, Waffles and Mochi, was released last week. The 10-episode series focuses on one food each episode with a goal of “exploring the wonders of food and culture while learning how to cook with fresh ingredients,” according to Netflix. In the ninth episode, Mrs. O, Waffles and Mochi are joined by Mycologist Eugenia Bone and Michelin-star chef Massimo Bottera to share fun facts, history and recipes with mushrooms that are approachable and easy to understand for kids. Additionally, mushrooms are highlighted as a ‘featured ingredient’ on the show’s official website.

MSN shared an article from Well+Good this week that focused on Califia Farms new Mushroom Oat Milk. The article explained that “Mushroom-infused milk speaks to Well+Good’s 2021 trend prediction that mushrooms would be everywhere this year. Mushroom sales increased during the pandemic and global functional mushroom sales are expected to grow 8 percent by 2024.” The hyperlinks click through to the December Food Trends article from Well+Good (with Mushroom Council mention) and the Council’s retail tracker reports.

Flavor & The Menu detailed opportunities for quesadillas for foodservice operators by giving the Mexican classic a flavor makeover. Alongside cheese, Flavor & The Menu explained in a recent article that there are plenty of complementary ingredients to add, including mushrooms. For example, the “Shroom Boom Quesadilla” is a “flour tortilla loaded with roasted diced portobello mushrooms, arugula pesto and Brie.”





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Top posts this week included a roundup of mushroom recipes with fans choosing which one they’d choose for dinner (lots of opinions!), as well as our monthly grower spotlight. 

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