Mushrooms in School

December 5, 2022

Gameday, Gatherings, or Holiday Creations

Whether you’re prepping for a sports game, Christmas, or simply hosting a social gathering, why don’t you add mushrooms to the mix? If you’ve read some of our other blogs, you know that mushrooms are full of flavor (link to a blog about umami or flavor), easy to find in your local grocery store or farmer’s market and packed with important vitamins and minerals (link to a page/post about nutrition benefits). 

We’ve rounded up (number) recipes from the Mushroom Council for you to consider as you plan your next get together. While these recipes aren’t for child nutrition programs, you can consider offering them in holiday catering events, use them as inspiration for developing child nutrition versions, and of course share them with your staff and school community as fun holiday recipe ideas (everyone loves learning about a great, new recipe!). 

Chips and Queso

Let’s be honest, turning down chips and queso is nearly impossible. Especially when you’re sitting down, enjoying time with family and friends. Next time you’re considering different appetizers to feed your loved ones, consider this fan favorite – it’ll leave your guests asking for the recipe! 

Yes, this is not just like any other queso dip, this Mexican inspired dip includes chorizo and mushrooms! This cheesy, spicy, and savory queso will have you coming back for more! 

Classic Stuffed Mushrooms 

These perfectly stuffed mushrooms are great to bring to your next party or to simply pair with your next meal. Although this recipe calls for pork sausage, it can be modified by substituting turkey sausage or can be made vegetarian – make it your creation!

Mushroom Pizza Rolls 

Calling all those pizza roll loving kids…. let’s be honest, adults too! These homemade pizza rolls are fun to make – invite those little ones to help. Just make sure you allow enough time to let the dough rise prior to baking (approx. 1 hour 20 minutes)!

You will no longer need to stress about what kid friendly option will be made available at the next holiday or any gathering. 

Mini Mushroom Burgers 

What’s more perfect than a mini burger for a game day appetizer? Right, we don’t know either. These Mediterranean diet, vegan, and vegetarian burgers are not only quick and easy to make but will have you craving more. 

Although the original recipe is meatless, you can make a simple modification and incorporate ground turkey or ground beef to enhance that juicy, meaty flavor! 

Mac and Cheese 

No matter how old you are, Mac and Cheese will always be a fan favorite and bring comfort to any and all occasions. This ooey gooey cheesy mac and cheese includes potatoes, mushrooms, and bacon! Perfect to pair with any meal or enjoy as an appetizer.

Buffalo Chicken Blended Burgers 

Many of us have found ourselves coming back for seconds with buffalo chicken dip. This savory buffalo chicken inspired burger includes oyster mushrooms – a close resemblance to chicken, both in taste and texture. This burger was the 2021 Blended Burger Contest Winner. There’s no doubt you’ll be saving this recipe to serve year after year!

Blended Taco Pizza 

What’s better than combining two of the most popular foods in the Western U.S – tacos AND pizza?! This taco inspired pizza recipe is created and approved by a Registered Dietitian. This perfectly balanced meal will definitely leave you satisfied, due to the beautiful balance of the nutrients found in grains, dairy, and vegetables! The best part about pizza is you can add and substitute any ingredients listed to make it your creation. Get kids involved in the process and they’ll be requesting this meal again. 

Live in the Moment 

As you and your loved ones enjoy these recipes, remember to live in the moment. Indulge in some of those fun-foods! Because at the end of the day, one meal is not going to make or break your health. We’d love for you to share what recipes you’ve created and for what occasions. As mentioned, these recipes are perfect for any holiday, get-togethers, or nights in with family and friends! Happy Holidays from Mushrooms in Schools!

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