Lights, Camera – Nutrition Education in Action!

February 22, 2024

You and your students won’t want to miss the nutrition-packed month ahead in March. Between National School Breakfast Week and National Nutrition Month, plan for both a delicious and educational month – with mushrooms, of course!

You’re Invited: Surf’s Up With School Breakfast!

What: National School Breakfast Week (NSBW) celebrates the importance of a nutritious school breakfast in fueling students for success. The School Breakfast Program provides 12 million nutritious breakfasts to hungry children nationwide every day.

When: March 4-8, 2024

Why it matters: Did you know children who eat breakfast are more likely to:

  • Reach higher levels of achievement in reading and math
  • Score higher on standardized tests
  • Have better concentration and memory
  • Be more alert and maintain a healthy weight

For more about the benefits of children eating breakfast, check out more information HERE

Where: For more information and downloadable free resources about National School Breakfast Week, see HERE

How to Integrate Mushrooms into NSBW

Mushrooms in Schools has #RealSchoolRecipes for your menus and tips on getting the most out of your mushrooms for a savory spin on breakfast (or enjoying school breakfast all day).

Recipe Inspiration

You’re Invited: National Nutrition Month® Beyond the Table

What: National Nutrition Month® is an annual campaign during March, created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, that invites everyone to learn about making informed food choices and developing healthful eating and physical activity. 

This year’s theme, “Beyond the Table“: 

  • Addresses the farm-to-fork, from food production to navigating grocery stores and farmers markets, including home food safety and storage practices
  • Describes the various ways we eat — not only around a dinner table but also in schools and restaurants
  • Includes sustainability, decreasing food waste from school and work to home and beyond

When: March 2024

Where: For more information and downloadable free resources, see HERE

How to Integrate Mushrooms into National Nutrition Month®

Classroom Education Resources

For a fun-guy filled National Nutrition Month, check out our free Mushrooms in Schools resources full of learning activities to teach all month long.

Farm to School Resources

Learn more about how mushrooms are grown with our Farm to School toolkit, which provides ready-to-go classroom and cafeteria materials to promote local mushrooms and their environmental benefits.

You’re Invited: Sesame Street

Do you operate a daycare center, spearhead Head Start programming, or work at a WIC clinic? If so, look no further for educational resources – Mushrooms in Schools has delicious recipes, fun activities, and even Sesame Street videos to introduce mushrooms to your kiddos (and their families)!

Click HERE for free resources, including:

  • Printable Children’s Books
  • Activity Sheets
  • Educational Lessons
Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster LOVES Mushrooms 

Introduce mushrooms with Cookie Monster from Sesame Street! Watch Cookie Monster learn about mushrooms and other foods in these video clips about Foodie Trucks, Cooking Mushroom + Red Pepper Egg Cups or even counting 17 Mushrooms

More Sesame Street video clips are available on our website HERE in both English and Spanish!

#KidsEatMushrooms2 and Beyond!

If you are planning to add more mushrooms to your menus for National School Breakfast Week or National Nutrition Month, we would love to see what you and your students are cooking up! 

Tag us on your Facebook and/or X (Twitter) post to win a Mushrooms in Schools T-shirt. 

Every time you share your recipes, we will feature you in our “Mushrooms on the Menu” newsletter (want to subscribe? Click here). We want to celebrate all the hard work you and your team do. 

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