Celebrate National Mushroom Month!

August 30, 2022

National Mushroom Month is a great way to kick off Farm to School month! Mushrooms in Schools has ready-to-use resources for staff, teachers, and students.

School Nutrition Staff Resources

From breakfast to snack, Mushrooms in Schools has kid-approved #schoolmeals recipes at your disposal. Find a new recipe to add to your menu by browsing our extensive recipe collection here. Visit our “New School Year, New Menus: Mushroom Edition” blog post for tips and tricks to purchase mushrooms for your menus. 

We discuss some simple ways to add mushrooms to your menus in this video clip.

Teacher Resources

Visit our Classroom Curriculum (Pre-Kindergarten to 5th Grade) for lesson plans to teach students that mushrooms are healthy for our bodies and good for the planet. If your childcare providers or teachers are looking for a fun book to read to students, we have you covered there as well. Our print-friendly children’s book, “Mighty Mushrooms & Friends”, is a simple way to start the discussion around mushrooms with students. 

Student Resources

Engage students in celebrating #NationalMushroomMonth by sending home this Mighty Mushroom Fact Sheet, using our sample social media posts (and images!) for your school district, or adding our “How Mushrooms Grow” handout to your school district website.

Additionally, ask student groups to test and try #NationalMushroomMonth recipes throughout the month. You can provide students a taste test to vote on their favorite recipe to be add on the school menus. 

Don’t forget science and agriculture classes! These are great opportunities for the students to learn more about mushroom growers and how mushrooms are grown (maybe even grow some in a classroom with a mushroom grow kit!).

Let’s Celebrate!

As part of our monthly newsletter (want to subscribe? Click here), we’ll be featuring Facebook and Twitter posts from operators sharing their mushroom meals (and other #NationalMushroomMonth celebrations!). To be part in our “Mushrooms on the Menu” section, tag us when you post on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Looking for more USDA-approved resources (all of our resources are USDA-approved)? Check out our website.

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