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Media Placements – 12/07/2020

December 7, 2020

Mushrooms in the News: 12-07-2020

White button mushrooms were included in a roundup of 20 veggies that can provide protein. In the article, originally published on Prevention and shared by MSN, notes that “All mushrooms, from shiitake to oyster, have […] protein in them. But white mushrooms have the most—and they happen to be some of the most ubiquitous.”

The Council’s recent trends release was picked up by FreshPlaza last week. 

Foodservice Director explained that “chefs are exploring more umami applications, both to intensify the flavors of those ever-popular comfort foods and introduce consumers to new ingredients.” In the upcoming year, new mushroom varieties are expected to make their way onto menus, according to the outlet’s trends article.





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Top social posts this week included a mushroom stroganoff recipe share from Half Baked Harvest (a well followed influencer who loves cooking with mushrooms), as well as the “Home Cooking for the Holidays”  graphic created for the month of December featuring easy mushroom soup.

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