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Media Placements – 08/26/2020

August 31, 2020

Mushrooms in the News: 08-26-2020

Leanne Ray, RD shared a recipe for Fresh California Style Sliders, noting that “in the culinary world this is referred to as a blended burger and it’s fairly trendy. I’ve even seen them on restaurant menus! It adds vegetables, great flavor and moisture to the patties.”

The Packer included mushrooms in their Food Trends 2020 roundup. The two page spread details sales data on varieties being purchased and the types of consumers purchasing mushrooms.





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Facebook fans loved an Easy Philly Cheesesteak recipe the Council shared this week. Some comments included: “The more mushrooms, the better,” “Have always eaten my philly’s with mushrooms…no mushrooms is not an option lol” and “Love mushrooms on everything!”

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