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Media Placements – 08/12/2020

August 19, 2020

Mushrooms in the News: 08-12-2020

Men’s Journal featured a delicious blended Portobello Mushroom and Kale Turkey Burger recipe pointing out that “A mushroom-kale mixture helps add bulk, while adding flavor, nutrition, and texture to burgers.”

EatWell 101 shared “15 Crowd-Pleasing Mushroom Recipes,” noting that mushrooms are “versatile and delicious every time! They bring serious meatiness and deep, rich flavor in every recipe you add them.”

The Packer detailed the Council’s blend-focused promotional activities this year, including the Blended Burger Project: Home Edition competition and the Remix digital advertising campaign.





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This week, the top two posts included a recipThis week’s top posts include a post spotlighting portabellas, as well as promotion of the Gone Camping (With Mushrooms!) blog post on

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