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Media Placements – 07/11/2023

July 11, 2023

Pickled Mushrooms + Chickapea Filling = the best vegan alternative deviled egg recipe. Mashed highlighted the top substitutes for vegan deviled eggs and a recipe using mushrooms from Vegan chef Tabitha Brown made the list. This recipe is made by first marinating white button mushrooms in a pickle brine to replicate the texture and flavor of egg whites, then sprinkling them with kala namak. The chickpea filling substitutes the egg yolk with relish, mustard, chickpea, and other seasonings in the filling.

VegNews shared savory vegan shredded mushroom tostadas packed with vibrant vegetables and zesty toppings for an easy dinner. The article suggests first cutting off the woody base of the trumpet mushroom then the caps from the stems and dicing. Next, use a fork, to shred the base of the mushroom, making long, deep cuts lengthwise from top to bottom around the entire mushroom. Continue shredding until it comes apart easily. 

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This week’s top post features user-generated content from the social media platform BeReal, followed by a post with trumpet mushrooms. 

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