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Media Placements – 06/12/2023

June 12, 2023

AndNowUKnow developed a lengthy feature spotlighting Mushroom Council’s pop-up grilling experiential event last month with Wicked Kitchen at Hot Luck Festival: “Is anyone else feeling hungry? Because the news that follows is likely to make your belly rumble. The Mushroom Council® recently took to the Hot Luck barbecue festival to celebrate the kick-off of grilling season with mushrooms at the center of the plate.”

With peak grilling season upon us, Daily Meal suggested not only grilling portabellas to enjoy as a burger, but also consider them this summer for a burger bun: “Whatever reason you’re skipping out on bread isn’t important, but if you need an easy substitute, then you should consider the portobello. Not only are they the perfect size, but they bring their own savory charred flavor to your burger as well.”

Tasting Table shared a delicious vegan lion’s mane mushroom “crab cake” recipe with their audience this past week. The article noted that this variety has a unique texture that shreds and mimics crab and pulled pork.

Three trade outlets highlighted our recent partnership with Allrecipes including The Packer, Produce Blue Book, and PMG. Each outlet shared the contest details, how to get involved and the importance of the campaign.

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Top posts this week include one of last year’s Blended Burger Contest finalists (the “Street Corn Named Desire Blended Burger”), as well as a spotlight of maitakes.

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