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Media Placements – 04/19/2021

April 19, 2021

Mushrooms in the News: 04-19-2021

Chef Mitzi Jackson-Robinson (aka Chef MJ) cooked up a blended burger on a recent food segment on ABC 6 (Philadelphia). Chef MJ currently cooks at the University of Pennsylvania and is a personal chef for a few Philadelphia Eagles players. She previously entered the Blended Burger Project and cooked a blended burger on Food Network’s Chopped last fall.

UV-exposed mushrooms were included in Good Housekeeping’s list of “8 Healthy Foods That Are High In Vitamin D.” “Not only are mushrooms packed with flavor and antioxidants, but they are one of the few vegan sources of vitamin D and also the only vegetable source of the nutrient,” the article says.

Restaurant Hospitality shared insight from The Culinary Institute of America’s global seminar, more specifically highlighting how chefs can enhance plant-forward dishes. The article explains that “Mushrooms are reliable menu workhorses that offer a case study on recapturing coolness and building buzz.” Furthermore, the increased sales of mushrooms (as reported by the Council) and more incorporation of The Blend help position mushrooms as a key plant-based menu option.

Trade publication, AndNowUKnow, shared the Council’s announcement of its newly elected officials.





Top Posts

The top post this week included an engagement post that asked Facebook users to share if they’ve cooked with oyster mushrooms. Additionally, another top post this week focused on mushroom sustainability.

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  • “My favorite! I cook them several times a week.” 
  • “I love fried oyster mushroom po’boys”
  • “Yes, they are delicious. They are especially good tempura style.”
  • “Love oyster mushrooms, I use them in a stir fry with rice”

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