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Media Placements – 04/04/2022

April 4, 2022

Mushrooms in the News: 04-04-2022

The National Provisioner released an article detailing the success of burgers throughout the COVID-19 panic, citing mushrooms both blended and as toppings as one of the most popular burger ingredients.  According to Anne-Marie Roernik: “Meat still wins as the majority ingredient, typically around 70 percent, but by adding things like mushrooms, kale, carrots, etc., the vegetables give the burger a health halo boost,” says Roerink. “Additionally, many taste tests show that people actually prefer the taste and texture of some blended items, so there are added advantages there as well”. Supermarket Perimeter also noted the success of the Blended burger, citing health and flavor benefits as two major drivers.

Clean Eating released an article highlighting the nutritional value of mushrooms, namely in their support of mental health. The Chicago Tribune also released a blended meat/mushroom sauce recipe, bringing the Blend back to the forefront of the food conversation yet again. Fox News also called out mushrooms as one of their healthy vegetable choices.




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