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Media Placements – 03/27/2023

March 27, 2023

Mushrooms in the News: 03-27-2023

The New York Times recently declared it Mushroom Week in their weekly cooking eblast, highlighting 3 mushroom recipes for tacos and stews. The reporter shared, “For a decidedly different textural experience, stew your ’shrooms! A beautifully browned mushroom is a treat, but so, too, is a saucy one.”

SheFinds shared two articles this week highlighting mushroom nutrients and The Blend™. Mushrooms made the list for The Best Foods That Are High In Vitamin D For Stronger Bones. The article expressed, “There’s so much to love about mushrooms! This tasty veggie is versatile, great for your brain and gut, and—you guessed it—can even support healthy bones thanks to their Vitamin D content.” 

Mackenzie Burgess, a registered dietitian nutritionist and recipe developer at Cheerful Choices, shared her opinion on veggie burgers in the second SheFinds article, Are Veggie Burgers Actually Weight Loss-Friendly? We Asked Dietitians. Burgess shared her love for The Blend™ by stating, “ Simply combine 8 ounces of finely chopped mushrooms with 1 pound of ground beef or plant-based ground and form into patties. As a dietitian, I love this recipe because it helps extend those portions of more expensive ingredients while adding beneficial nutrients like B vitamins and potassium.” 

Tasting Table shared a delicious stuffed portabella mushrooms recipe with its readers this week. They expressed their love for portabella mushrooms by saying, “They can be made hundreds of ways and are usually a staple for those eating vegan or vegetarian because of their “meaty” taste.”

Chew Boom picked up a recent restaurant menu item highlighting mushrooms at Checkers & Rally’s. For a limited time at participating restaurants nationwide, they are serving fried mushrooms: “Fried Mushrooms feature battered and seasoned fried baby portabella mushrooms served with your choice of dipping sauce on the side.”

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From media reporters to consumers on social media, portabella mushrooms shined this week. One social media follower shared, “The bigger the better!” This top post earned the 5th highest in terms of FB impressions in the past year! Another top social media post this week featured dynamic duos, mushrooms and chicken. The post highlighted a one pan chicken and mushroom recipe, find it here

Post Performance:

  • Impressions: 98,951
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Post Performance:

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