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Media Placements – 02/05/20

February 5, 2020

Mushrooms in the News: 02-05-2020

Mushrooms gained spotlight during the Super Bowl in Progressive Insurance’s new commercial featuring their faux restaurant, Portabella’s.

Thanks to The Blend™, mushroom sales have been rising, as attributed to in The Packer this week. Peter Wilder, marketing director at To-Jo Mushrooms also noted that “‘Mushroom blends are a great way to introduce new varieties to consumers.’”





The most popular Mushroom Council social media posts this week included our “Meet a Mushroom Farmer” series (spotlighting Paul Kennington at the end of January), as well as our Twitter poll asking what keeps people cooking with mushrooms.

(Facebook) Meet a Mushroom Farmer!  (Paul Kennington) 

  • 12,300+ people reached
  • 680+ engagements
  • Comments include
    • It’s great to have people like him growing those mushrooms 
    • Wow ,very interesting
    • Bet he has some good recipes
    • We went on a tour of our local Mushroom Farm and it was very informative. We are lucky to have the farm within a few minutes of us. We go weekly.

(Twitter) What keeps you cooking with mushrooms? ?‍?

  • 200+ votes (Winning option: Texture & flavor with 69% of votes)
  • 4,750+ impressions
  • 330+ engagements

(Engagements) #MeetAMushroomFarmer!  (Paul Kennington) 

  • 3,580+ impressions 
  • 230+ engagements

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